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   Anyone can create desired outcomes...including you

If you want to stop smoking, eat better, sleep better, think better, feel better... finally take better care of're in the right place.  Here at Good Well Studio, clients receive expert care and support to explore and create the personal outcomes they long for. 

what clients say

Mark I., Animator 

"Mary helped me realize and release the shame I was carrying  about stupid mistakes I made when I was younger.  These days I am more calm and more confident ."

What we bring into the light, we can work with. What remains in the dark, works us. -Tina Welling

guiding principles


People are naturally whole and good born with innate resources & potential.

Everyone experiences their own unique peaks and valleys on their life journey.

Everyone (and Life itself) is an ever-changing creative process.

Sustainable well-being is supported by self-awareness, self-compassion, self-love, self-responsibility, community, connection, and a clear vision of what one wants to feel, wants more of, and/or, wants instead.

With practice, anyone can cultivate skills and habits that support personal, natural and whole well-being. 

There is always one is ever alone.

Every single human on this earth presents an opportunity for us to see ourselves more clearly -as in how we show up, what are our strengths, and what we have yet to learn.


Principles assume that basic needs are met & that the person is in a safe place.

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