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P E A C E in PEACE out


All art is an expression of the human heart...intended to invoke a deeper connection with one's soul...what I believe to be the veritable essence of the human journey.

In my own connection with Mother Nature, I feel a sense of peace with the energy of life...with that something grander that is beautiful, comforting and inspiring.


I always create my art with the intention to engage the viewer to experience that same reverence and peace.


All of us have a S.O.U.L. -Source Of Unconditional Love with which we were born - our own personal guiding light and super power. And, living this human life, when we experience fear, hurt or pain, most were not taught to access their S.O.U.L. superpower that is within every being. Learning to connect with your S.O.U.L.'s deep Wisdom & strength helps anyone navigate the sting of life's discomfort and break free from patterns or circumstances that do not support one's greater good.  

Like a seed that creates roots in the dark and grows into a mighty oak or pure peony,  you too have all the answers inside.  You can give them light so you can see clearly and move forward in your right direction.

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