a b o u t 


My name is Mary Campagna, 

artist, coach/hypnotherapist, writer, nature lover

and wholehearted deep thinker.

When I am in Nature I feel free... free to take longer breaths, to contemplate, to write and... inspired to capture Nature's natural beauty and essence with my camera. Connecting with Nature always lifts my soul to a place of comfort and trust that everything will be ok...even during my darkest hours.  This is why I am passionate about bringing Nature as art...for others to connect with the peace, reverence, and awe of Mother Nature and life itself. When I photograph and then edit my images, I bridge both painting and photography using digital paint brushes that enhance the important details of the light within the image adding even more texture, life and energy to that one fleeting moment.

In doing art shows for the past 15 years, I remain incredibly grateful to know that my art connects people with the joy and the beauty of life! 

As I move forward I am excited to continue spreading more peace and connection to Nature through my art as intend for my art to grace even more homes, offices and any place that benefits from the calm, peaceful and loving spirit of my art.

If you're a newcomer to my art...welcome, if you're a patron...thank you again and again! 


Now, if you're wondering why I am also life coaching...for many reasons, I decided to offer coaching/hypnotherapy to serve others -in addition to my art. First and foremost, as a very sensitive deep thinker, I had to learn how to navigate and be with my own uncomfortable emotions and trust the evolution of life especially when I feel doubtful, anxious, uncertain or melancholy. For this reason I educated, researched, certified, listened, and helped myself develop practices and Wisdom to gain an understanding of the process of living with all its textures, patterns, choices...all it's paths, and more. I certified as a life coach, learned and practice mindfulness and later took my studies a step further and certified as a hypnotherapist to gain an even deeper understanding of how the conscious and subconscious mind work. Having all this knowledge, Wisdom, intuition & experience, I bring even more peace to the planet by helping others navigate their own uncomfortable feelings when they need to. We are all exposed to human conditioning after all. 

Through my experiences, shifts, needs and wants in my life...I remain so grateful for all the people who have helped me grow and who have purchased my art and engaged in coaching. I also remain so grateful for all the people who created everything I use every single, the home I'm living in, music, food, heat, cars, my computer, camera, my bed. I strongly believe most people are of good hearts...and for some, those hearts simply need a little TLC, reflection, insight and self-awareness. 


Thank you for reading about me. I appreciate your time and interest and hope to meet you some day soon!

May you grow & learn from all you do.

With Love, Peace and Happy,