"Mary, THANK YOU for your beautiful work. My wife was shocked and happy when she opened the box."

Jeff Coates, Happy Customer 

"Mary, I decorated my whole room around the Hydrangea picture I bought. You're so talented. Thank you. 

Meghan Sipley, Happy Customer 

"Wow, I feel so peaceful just looking at your art. This is amazing. You're really peaceful too...how do you do this?"

Art Show Customer Comment



I'm so glad you're here!

Hi. Welcome Back! IF we haven't met yet...so nice to meet you.  My name is Mary Campagna. I am the creator of PEACE AND HAPPY.

I choose the name 'Peace and Happy' because I am passionate about helping others feel peace and joy through my art and words. As you view my art, you'll definitely notice that I LOVE NATURE too!

Your inner peace is VITAL for an even better life. As a contemplative, artist, writer, life coach, former home furnishings boutique owner AND lots of other roles, I have witnessed, and still do, all the stressed out people. This is why I am so grateful to be able to create truly beautiful art that brings inner peace AND joy to YOU...and everyone.

Please know I've worked hard to offer my art with different size and price options so you can own a piece of hand-signed, high-quality fine art and still go food shopping. I only use fine art canvas, papers and inks, stretch, and hand sign each piece in my home studio. You might not know that I'm also great at, and enjoy home decorating.  With that said, I know that not everyone has the knack for decorating and so if that's you, I'm happy to help you pick the right piece(s). I do it for customers all the time. Just text or email a picture of your space.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL for your interest, comments, emails and purchases for the last 13 years! It is because of YOU that I am still able to offer my gift of Art! 

My other product line, Up-Word Stickers, is new for me. After moving to CA from PA I was overwhelmed and then, inspired by all the LA traffic to create uplifting words that could be placed on the back of all those cars. (Because I NEEDED an uplift!) In addition, I was already using my own handwritten positive messages on sticky notes on my mirror and computer, so I asked myself, 'Why not create these for others Mary?!' I am thrilled to offer these tasteful, NOT cheesy, Up-Word stickers to lift you upward, and the planet too. They are uplifting, motivating, well-designed, great quality and most of all...THEY WORK! (did I mention...removable!)

While I've already sold 1000's of pieces to many people and businesses including hospitals, doctors and retailers even before social media was a thing, if you're an interior designer OR business owner who wants bring my work to your location, and I haven't reached out to you yet, PLEASE let's talk. I offer special pricing and wholesale tiers and would love to partner with you to get as much peace and happy out into this world as possible. 

To those who have purchased my art in the past, Thank YOU AGAIN! To those who are considering a purchase, I am certain that you will be delighted with your purchase.

I hope I get to hear about your needs! Remember to breatheeee (instant stress reduction) and drink lots of water (using a bpa-free reusable water bottle) to clean your body!

Here's my email if you want to talk more about how I can help YOU.

Peace Always - Mary  

 digital fine art photography

Want more peace and quiet and an even more beautiful home or office? I KNOW that feeling. That is one of the reasons I create my art. I want to help you find the quiet moments and Peace as you connect with my art. Since starting my business 13 years ago, so many customers have expressed how peaceful, serene, joyful my art pieces make them feel. My art is more than a decoration, it also creates an experience you get to have every single day. You may remember me as my former business name, Studio Colette. Please be assured the only difference is the new name, Peace & Happy. With the same integrity and joy, I continue to to deliver the same high-quality fine art. In case you're a new guest, here's a brief explanation of what I do. When photographing in nature or setting up my still lifes, I pay close attention to the subject and the light's interplay in the entire scene. After I capture what I deem as beautiful, I use digital paintbrushes and editing tools to render an even more, softened, textured and painterly imageMy art pieces are printed and hand-signed in my studio and shipped ready to hang. This beautiful body of artwork is available through my website, art shows and eventually, retailers. I am deeply grateful to to be able to offer you my art and thank you for your consideration. As with all my former customers, I am certain the gift I've been given of my aesthetic, will lift your spirit and bring more serenity, beauty and peace to your precious Life.


You are.



These Up-Word (get it? upward) Stickers were created to help you continually nourish yourself and others with positive thoughts in order to support your journey forward with more inner and outer peace. My vision is that these are placed 

anywhere to inspire good will and healing for us all including cars, mirrors, computers...

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