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Art is transformative in so many ways. Like music, visual art creates a feeling. Through my 14 years of selling my art, I noticed that people buy my art because it resonates with their heart. To be honest, customers gasped in delight when they've come into my art booth at the 100s of shows I've done in the past.  The most expressed customer descriptions have been, "serene", "peaceful", "joyful", "Is this a painting or a photograph?". Having researched the proper printing equipment, canvas, inks, paper, etc. I create and produce my beautiful, high-quality art, that will last a lifetime and more. I am so proud and delighted to offer you my hand-signed pieces that I KNOW will bring beautiful life, peace and happy to your room or office, like it has for so many others. Oh, and, if you place my art in your bathrooms, like myself and other customers have, yes, it's water resistant. 





You're already whole and sometimes life can be challenging. As your personal well-being coach, I clean the mirror so you can see how wonderful (and strong) you really are underneath the 'I should's'. Working together, I will listen and guide you with insight and practices so you can unload whatever heaviness, physical or emotional, you are carrying - and build well-being muscles you didn't even know you had. 

If you're at a crossroad in life and simply don't know how to move forward. I have your back. 

If you just don't feel happy. 

I have your back.

If life is pulling you down, I'm going to help lift you up and then teach you how to do it yourself. 

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Email me and we'll set up a free 15 min. appointment so you can dip your toe.



I LOVE helping people through my art, coaching and writing. It makes my heart sing. Also, I LOVE Nature and fostering more of my own inner peace and balance when I go for my daily walks & connect with her. I'm a deep thinker. I'm intuitive. I'm always generating new ideas. I LOVE mindfulness as a daily practice. I especially LOVE writing poetry. You can read some on my blog. I LOVE learning about holistic well-being. I have trained and practiced as a coach and feel so good about what I bring to the table. I'm kind. I have 2 boys, 23 & 20. I've been married for 29 years. I LOVE to dance and I plan on staying active for the rest of my life. I believe we are all in this life to learn, grow, love more and help each other. 




up-word decals

As a way to spread more goodness into the world, I designed and created my Up-Word decals to send GOOD messages out into the planet. You HAVE GOT TO SEE THEM! I proudly display them on the back of my car, fridge, mirrors, computer for daily good reminders. I hope that you too will spread good vibes with a decal or two.  They're great gifts too. 

I recently co-authored my first book, A Guide To Healing, to inspire people to find inner peace through a gentle and holistic look at what's inside. Already, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive and people are loving the simple and effective guidance. I KNOW you'll benefit too! 


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