w  e  l  c  o  m  e


HELLO. I'm so glad you're here! 


My name is Mary Campagna,

founder & creator of

Inner peace and wellness can

be achieved for anyone. I am 

passionate about helping others

engage in self-care

(taking care of oneself)

through hypnotherapy,

wellness coaching,

my lovely art

and my writing. 

You know that feeling when you just want to figure out how to be motivated to take better care of yourself?  You might wake up with the best of intentions to FINALLY take charge of your well-being only to later feel like a failure, or down, because you didn't keep your promise to yourself...AGAIN. 


Maybe you don't know what to do or get overwhelmed. 

You, me and everyone has their own personal experiences...their own path

of learning and evolving. Some, are more resilient than others. 

And while 'You are already whole,' said by Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of the mindfulness movement...sometimes you hit a wall, or life knocks you down, or you might need guidance in order to release those unhealthy habits or thinking patterns that weigh you down and stifle your greater good.

(I KNOW exactly how you feel!)

Thankfully humanity has created so many wonderful techniques (and the internet) to help us all maneuver through the muck that keeps us stuck so that we can be FREE...

Free from negative thought patterns, 

Free from self-doubt & nasty self-talk,

Free from unhealthy stress or self-destruction,

Free from 'I should' or 'I can't'...

All those patterns and beliefs that keep us feeling like we're unable to change and shift. 

Well, I have some great news for you...

As a trained hypnotherapist and wellness coach I can help liberate you from unhealthy habits (physical &/or mental) so that you can rise and shine my friend. 

My holistic approach to wellness addresses, considers and supports the WHOLE self - body mind & spirit - in the here and now.


If you feel inspired to take better care of yourself and feel great, I look forward to guiding you. And...if you love art and nature, please take the time to enjoy my beautiful art. You will feel soooo relaxed! 


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