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A. Yes - I am different from a psychologist. While I did take a number of psychology classes in college and refresher courses thereafter, my coach training, mindfulness training and nlp training are what I  use to help you succeed. while I absolutely will ask some questions about your past to discover where your limiting beliefs originated, I do not focus on the past as I am interested in moving you forward to a happier and healthier you as quickly as possible. 

Q. are you different from a psychologist?

Q. do you accept insurance? 

A. No, I am not affiliated with any insurance companiES AT THIS TIME, HOWEVER, I AM HOPEFUL THIS WILL CHANGE. 

Q. What methods of payment do you accept? 

A. I accept credit cards and ask you to pay upfront for your entire package. (I do this to make sure you are really pledged to yourself...ready to make a commitment to YOU.)

Q. What if I miss a scheduled appointment? can we reschedule?

A. things happen, I get it. if it's a dire emergency...of course I'll fit you into another slot. If you're 'not in the mood' and don't feel like showing up for your session...then we REALLY NEED TO TALK at your session. you are never ever judged in my business. please just show up for us both. 



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