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1-to-1  coaching/hypnotherapy

establish habits that support your well-being

learn and practice effective techniques that tame uncomfortable emotions you might be experiencing

develop a clear vision & plan of what you really want for yourself instead

learn  self-care practices that foster your whole well-being for good


gain more self-awareness and confidence

take care of yourself because you truly want to


group coaching

engage in a 4-week Wrap-Around Well-Being

program to learn techniques that reduce stress and create emotional balance

develop and create healthier habits that support your whole well-being for good

learn mindful self-care practices that foster self-awareness, confidence and self-expression

gain the support of your tribe members

take care of yourself because you truly want to

live trainings/classes

Meet and join others for convenient online self-development and self-discovery interactive classes. 

You get to learn more about yourself & connect with 


Trainings Include: 

Practices to Navigate Stress and Other Uncomfortable Emotions

Change - Discover What You Really Want Instead

Reframe Your Story For Wise Understanding


what clients say

Mark I., Animator 

"Mary helped me realize and release the shame I was carrying  about stupid mistakes I made when I was younger.  These days I am more calm and more confident ."

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