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    Up-WORD stickers 

    School Stores, Retailers , Organizations Supporting a CauseTeachers, PTA's, Coaches, Yoga Studios, Doctors, Psychologists,. Counselors, Nature Preserves/Parks, Recreation Centers...TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND HELP PEOPLE with these wonderful inspired Up-Word Stickers.  EVERYONE benefits from positivity.  When we communicate positive words to ourselves and others...that positivity ripples into the world. Being positive begins with one's thoughts.  Reading a positive message every day is fertilizing your thoughts with well-being. Please consider these timeless stickers for your fundraisers, as a gift for anyone who put forth great effort or, even as inspiration for those who need it. These uplifting, timeless, Up-Word Stickers help people help themselves, raise awareness, and truly help to make life even better for us ALL. 



    The minimum order to qualify for the bulk/wholesale discount is 50 pieces...that is, 50 pieces of the 4x4" stickers OR 50 pieces of the Power Packs. 



    Stickers are made in the USA from high-quality, removable vinyl. Can be used indoors or outdoors on precleaned surface and are protected with a uv laminate coating.

    4x4" stickers are sold individually.

    2x2" stickers are sold in carefully selected sets of 4 as Power Packs.

    You may order any combination of 4x4" stickers. Power Packs are sold as curated sets. Prepacked sets can be ordered in any combination you would like.  


    Each 4x4"

    sticker or Power Pack set of 4, 2x2" stickers is backed with a heavy stock postcard that is printed on both sides and packaged in a protective, sealed, clear glycine envelope.

    Packaged size is 5x7" for both sizes...same as a standard greeting card.


    Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping from the day your order is placed. Note, we often ship within two weeks but ask you plan for a 4- week window just to be safe. 


    We do not provide displays for the stickers at this time. Many retailers have used existing greeting card racks or bins.


    You must send a copy of your tax resale certificate if this purchase is tax-exempt. 


    Payment is required at time of order. For your convenience we accept all major credit cards and PayPal, or you can prepay with a check. 

    To receive your 50% discount, simply use the code: MakeLifeEvenBetter at checkout.  

    If you require a special order, please let us know! We'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

    When you change your words, you change your reality.

    ~Marisa Peer, Expert Behavioral Therapist