hypnotherapy & coaching faqs
knowledge is powerful

Q. are you different from a psychologist?

A. Yes - I am different from a psychologist. While I did take a number of psychology classes in college and use positive psychology processes, I am not a psychologist. Instead, as a coach and hypnotherapist I support my clients' well-being by focusing on my clients' desired outcomes, creating realistic steps to get there and use my hypnotherapy training to insert subconscious seeds that create self-motivation and strengthen the forward moving journey.  My clients leave each session with new tools and perspective that support their whole well-being. Generally, I will ask a few questions regarding one's history, however I do not focus on the past as I am interested in focusing on your bright future and moving you forward. 

Q. I tried hypnotherapy and it didn't work. Why should I try it again with you? 

A. I don't know why it didn't work for you previously. I always emphasize to my clients the importance of listening to the personalized audio during the day and before bed so that the therapeutic audio fortifies the change process. I am confident that when people are really ready to change...THEY CAN AND DO with the right help.  My clients have been very successful and have made (and continue to do so) life-long changes that support their whole well-being. I've been very successful as a coach and chose to train as a hypnotherapist knowing that when one's heart and subconscious mind are aligned with the same desired outcomes...transformation happens. It happened for me, it happens for my clients...and it will happen for you as long as you are truly ready to step into the 'new you'. This is why I need you to complete the questionnaire ... because I need to be certain you are ready to truly commit to your own transformation. 

Q. I've heard stories about hypnotherapists making people do things they didn't want to. Should I be concerned? 

A. No need to be concerned. Your subconscious mind is there to protect you in every way. Your subconscious mind will never accept an idea that does not resonate with your intuition and heart. You are fully aware (and very relaxed) during your hypnotherapy session which is the necessary state for your subconscious mind to receive the right language and ideas that move you forward to your desired outcomes and desired state of being. In addition to releasing unhealthy patterns and creating new supportive habits, I always help clients engage and connect with their heart - their powerhouse of courage, unconditional love and optimal well-being that ALWAYS has their back! 

Q. Your site talks about the 'whole self' - body, mind and spirit. When you say 'spirit' what exactly are you referring to? God? Religion? 

A. When I say 'spirit', I am referring to your inner peace and happiness.  By engaging with me to help you stop smoking, shed the weight or stress, etc. ...I must know about the things that make you happy and your self-care because I use that insight in my work with you. What you believe about God or religion is your personal business, however, I will admit that I do 100% believe in unseen help and miracles. I've read and learned enough to know this is true AND I've had my own miracles of sorts. I myself have incredible intuition which I also use when working with people. Again, your 'spirit' is really about your heart's content, fulfillment and delight. 

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Change because you direct it. 

Change because you decide you want it.

Change because it's going to make your life happier, richer, more satisfying and more fulfilling. 

~Gil Boyne, Master Hypnosis Trainer

What I truly appreciate about coaching, hypnotherapy and mindfulness principals that I've learned and use in my work with clients...is that together they are quite empowering in helping people successfully take charge of their own lives.  What I do for my clients is offer these modalities, insight, perspective, resources and tools to help them transform and change into the wonderfully improved version of themselves. I myself have improved my own health & well-being using these practices inspiring me to learn and certify as both a coach and hypnotherapist. Both are evidence-based processes that have helped millions of people feel great!

I always enjoy asking my clients what advice they would offer a small child and so on a personal note, the advice I give to my own children is to be true to yourself, fail forward, and know that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  And so, whatever you're seeking for yourself...I KNOW you are so much stronger than you know and quite capable of tapping into your own resources with which you were born. I would be delighted to guide you to your whole well-being.