beautiful digital fine art photography

by Mary Campagna 

The objective of my work is to present a moment of beautiful life in a way that unleashes your inner peace and joy. When photographing in nature and/or setting up my still lifes, I pay close attention to the subject and the lighting making sure I capture the spirit of that present moment.  Before any piece comes alive on canvas or print, it must first pass my own rigorous test of engagement, aesthetic, invitation and peace. I ask myself...Am I inspired to spend time and be still with this image? Do I feel a sense of awe, wonder, delight or curiosity? Do I feel moved in any way? Am I at peace when exploring this image? I edit each piece with digital paintbrushes rendering a slightly painted quality, then print on fine art canvas or photo paper with rich, long-lasting, archival inks. Each piece is hand-signed and offers the opportunity to engage with beautiful Life everyday. For now, you can find me an an art show or I'm happy to ship your piece directly to your home!


Pure Peony 


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All art is an expression of the human heart...meant to invoke a deeper connection with one's soul...the veritable joy of the human journey.  Mary Campagna

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