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Harnessing Peace 4/2/20

Waking in the morning

I feel a surge of ever-so-slight discomfort of mind

Understanding the call from my agitated body

Whom I respectfully call ‘Sage’

In the dark, I take refuge in a cushioned chair

Sitting quietly upward, and awake

Wrapped in a warm blanket

I close my eyes and cultivate stillness inside

Merging with the stillness of this early morning

Escaping into the depths of my breath

My body quickly lightens

My heart floats upward into my head

Rescuing me from the minefield of my mind

Comforting the worry and intense discomfort

That permeates mine and most every being’s soul

Gently whispering

She tells me that everything will be okay

She suggests that we all be still and absorb

Mother’s Earth’s rising energy and strength

She explains that Mother Earth too has a soul, like me, like us

She tells me that people are awaking upward

And caring for each other

For as we all face death, and life, we have a new lens

Clearly seeing that which is most important to our life journey

Where time may be crossing the finish line at any moment

She explains that humanity too will rise with her

As long as we preserve our precious hearts and

Are kind to our hostess, our Mother, Earth

Stepping back into breath and grounded, I open my eyes

I gaze out the window delighted to see the sweeping clouds

That have just parted, creating an opening

For the sun’s rays to shine upon the earth once again

‘Another perfectly timed synchronicity’, I say to myself

In just that one moment of quiet and peace and openness

I take another quiet breath knowing

Everything WILL be okay

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