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Mother's Mantra

Updated: Jun 25

Let thy wind cleanse all of thee

Let thy sounds bring harmony

Let thy Sun warm thy face

Let thy Earth be thy Grace

Let thy streams bring thy flow

Be in Peace...Let it all go

And so...

Be open-hearted in this gift of Life

Born with Love, and with strife

Let Life be thy friend

Not thy foe

Be free in mind

Fearless Soul


As you came here to do

Fully present

Wholly you

Of light, of Love, of Trust, of Faith

All together

To be Awake

This is a poem that came to me when walking up a mountain when I lived in CA.

I recite this poem often because I believe it is Mother Earth's wise words, not mine.

I find it to be very comforting and look forward to creating a book with beautiful images to match each line.

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