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Heart Speak 05/23/24

Updated: Jun 25

Dear One

Now’s your time

Now is the time...unfolding

It always was

It’s always been

Here for you and others

To create, express, learn, be

Experiences are the lessons

Emotions are your feedback

And so listen in to thy heart

The teller of truth

That ignites your awe

And reverence, wonder


Listen to thy Life-creating organ

That sustains your Soul in a human body

That inspires your creativity

Listen in to thy breath, and beats, and impulses

Saying nothing

Being still

So to hear thy own courier inside

In quietness

The whispers lead you on your path of being

To the true you

The creative, kind, sometimes angry, sad

The dynamic and complex human you are

Awakened and asleep all at once

Soul, human

Infinite, Immortal Love

Forever and a day and a moment and onward evermore


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