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Taking Care 6/26/24

Updated: Jun 27

I want to preface this post by clarifying my intention for this particular blog catergory 'Taking Care'. Simply, it is my opinion that being human isn't always easy -especially for those of us who easily get caught in the web of negative thinking and being. I'm interested in sharing what's worked for me during those chaotic, anxious, self-doubting days in hopes you can learn from my experience (although you have to have your own) and help you feel more secure knowing that there are others who have experiences and emotions that can sometimes be inhibiting (and also inspiring).

Recently coming back from a short vacation in the beautiful and cool Virgina mountains, surprisingly I found myself in a terrible mood. The next day I had things to do in public which honestly added to the vinegar I was feeling...SOUR. I was judging, angry, tired and saying unkind words under my breath. When I got home my husband sensed something was up. "Are you ok?" he asked with a concerned look on his face. "I'm fine." I said with a bite. I have to do something about this mood, I thought to myself. At 7:18 pm I said goodnight to my husband and retreated to our bedroom. Laying in bed I contemplated about what could be causing this anger, quickly realizing it was pressure I was putting on myself with regards to my business. Also, I was comparing myself to others...further eroding my self-esteem. UGHHHHH I thought I was past this nonsense. I put on a meditation and fell asleep. The next morning I was still a sour puss. After I had a quick cup of Joe, I laced up my sneakers and went for a walk on the nearby greenway. The greenway here in Charlotte, NC is a paved path for biking and walking that meanders through the woods between neighborhoods. It was an absolute beautiful morning. I chose to be mindful of the present moments and focused on Mother Nurture's beauty that surrounded me. I recorded ideas for memes that popped in my head and took quite a few pictures of the most lovely hydrangeas.

After my hour-long walk, I was back! Yayyyyyy. I smiled, took A LOT of deep breaths and noticed how my mood, my energy completely shifted for the good. Ahhhh, a Soul Bath, I thought. I recognized again that walking in and with Mother Nurture always lifted my Soul, my heart and my mood. It's been two days and I've taken more 'Soul Baths' and feel so grateful for my health that I can walk and enjoy my time well-spent on the greenway.

And so this is one tool I use to take care of myself when burdened with negative thoughts and feelings. Maybe a quiet walk in Nature, an embrace from Mother Nurture, can help to lift your own spirit should you feel down.

Take Care!

With Love, Mary


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