health, peace & happiness...priceless

step 1 -understanding

fees & payment terms

fees for service

individual remote sessions 

  • 1st session is always a       2-hour session...$120./2 hours

  • additional 1-hour sessions are scheduled as needed...$60./hour

payment terms

  • payable at end of each individual session

payment methods

step 2 -understanding

             the process 

remote session



  • a quiet & private space where you can be physically comfortable

  • access to internet via charged phone, tablet or computer

  • earbuds/headphones if available -preferably bluetooth

  • zoom meeting platform -can be easily downloaded for free here: Zoom Link OR FaceTime via your phone/tablet/computer OR Facebook messenger video

confidential  outreach/scheduling form
submit form OR call &
leave a message. I will
call you within 24 hours to get you scheduled &/or answer any questions.
after submitting, I will 
send an email confirmation 
from Mary@PeaceAndHappy AND call to speak asap (within 24 hours)


 step 3 -  policies


  • please advise asap if you realize you can't attend a scheduled appointment

  • it is strongly encouraged to keep your appointments as scheduled

Financial   Hardship? 

 Reach out to see how we can work together.