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Ashley S.
Independent Student

I went to Mary for hypnotherapy when I was ready to quit nicotine. 

Not only did I become a non-smoker, but I also gained more confidence and a grasp on the reins of my life, through the help of Mary’s hypnotherapy and life coaching. 

I had always been curious,  maybe a little skeptical about hypnotherapy, but upon participating I became aware of the marvel and conviction of it. 

She helped me discover the way of life I had been striving to live, by channeling my subconscious. I am forever grateful for the new beginnings she gave me the strength to achieve. 

Michelle F. Entrepreneur

I went to Mary when I was going through a very hard time in my life, I was feeling sad. I've always suffered with anxiety, and I felt overwhelmed and lost. I needed something to get me through this phase of my life. The first time we spoke, I knew she was the right life coach for me!! Not only is she kind and loving, but she didn't go along with everything I said, and was tough when she needed to be. She was able to help me put things into perspective and guided me to look at things in a different light. She didn't overwhelm me, which I believe is very important. We took one problem at a time. She gave me homework and I loved that because it helped me be accountable the next week we spoke. Even though it felt like baby steps, I was accomplishing things which made me feel better! She not only helped me with life challenges I was faced with, she helped me gain clarity on important decisions. I will forever be grateful to Mary for helping me get out of a difficult time in my life!! She is great at what she does and I would highly recommend her to anyone!!!

Christine C. Physician's

Mary Campagna changed my life. I started working with her about two years ago. I was overweight, in an unhappy relationship and not taking care of myself. Mary helped me completely change my life around. She taught me how to love myself and take care of myself again. With her help each week, we created simple and achievable goals that allowed me to transform into my new self. Mary is so kind and warm hearted. She is so easy to talk to and open up to.  I never felt judged or insecure when talking to Mary. She always made me feel safe and was always receptive and present during our sessions. Thank you Mary for providing me with he tools to transform my life.

Meredith Hutter, LMT, ECYT, NKT

Live Better Wellness


I wholeheartedly recommend Mary Campagna and her services. Mary exuded kindness and empathy, as she worked with me on some health issues, particularly insomnia. I had tried so many things to try and relax my body and fall asleep, and nothing was working! I turned to hypnotherapy without high expectations, but was absolutely impressed, not only with Mary’s professional approach, but also with the results I got from our sessions. 


As my sleep got more and more disrupted, I started to develop “sleep anxiety,” or worry that I wouldn’t fall asleep, which of course made the insomnia worse. WIth Mary’s help I was able to uncover some limiting beliefs about situations in my life and see the effects those were having on my body-mind and break this cycle of sleep anxiety. She crafted wonderfully calming scripts for me to listen to after going to bed every night, and they really worked to relax me and helped me fall asleep. Even though the insomnia is much improved, I still listen to those scripts from time to time when I feel restless and have trouble unwinding for sleep. 


Mary is warm, professional, and a skilled listener and hypnotherapist. I recommended her to a family member, who was also greatly helped by Mary, and I recommend her without reservation to anyone in need of some  gentle support with physical, mental, or emotional challenges. 

Sharon R. Retiree 

Mary is a wonderful life coach! She has the natural ability to provide great insight into problems and then offer solutions. She always listens attentively, and she is one of those individuals who is so easy to talk to. Mary has been an invaluable source of support to me and has helped me gain new perspectives in various situations. I wholeheartedly recommend Mary!

Elena P.

I highly recommend Mary Campagna as a life coach. Her comforting and genuinely caring nature put me at ease right away. Mary has provided exceptional value to me in her ability to listen attentively and assess situations. Mary's excellent support and guidance has helped me to identify and understand what I 'really' want, not what I thought I wanted.  Aside from having a space where I could freely express myself, Mary has given me reliable tools for reducing my stress and dealing with difficult circumstances and now I am happy to say that am moving confidently forward and meeting my objectives!

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