removable UP-WORD stickers 

that WORK for well-being


To help myself get through the tough times I've always absorbed the wise words in self-help books as one of my practices. In addition, I wrote sticky notes with positive messages and placed them on my mirror, my water bottle, my computer, my fridge and even my car. Meanwhile, science has proven that affirmations actually work AND I am living proof. 

I created these REMOVABLE, uplifting UP-WORD Stickers as a way to help others nourish their well-being with positive self-talk. THEY WORK!

Thank YOU for your consideration in spreading even more good will and inner peace through these wise and uplifting UP-WORD Stickers! 

USE CODE: PEACE4ALL for free shipping.

If you're interested in purchasing UP-WORD Stickers in bulk for your organization, school or store - I would be honored to work with you! Note: UP-WORD Stickers come individually packaged in a clear glycine envelope w/postcard backing!

Your words will set you free

~Yvonne Oswald, Ph.D.

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