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Long Live Miracles

I don't know about you but I sometimes find it challenging to feel good when there seems to be so much imbalance in this world. I've signed many petitions and so my email is always filled with new petitions to sign which quite frankly for me- lead to feelings of helplessness because there appears to be so many problems. I do A LOT of reading and so what I've read is that it is important for one to focus on the good since that positive energy is the most needed energy for this world. I try to focus on the good. I started a 'Miracles Happen' journal to help me see even more good but there are those days when I get caught in the sticky web of wildfires, poor people, climate change, pollution, racism...I don't have the answers. At this moment I am doing my best to do my part. I am kind to people. I create and sell beautiful art (which isn't always easy). I created inspiring graphic art stickers which I sell and post on social media. I SO LOOK forward to creating many books to help people connect with the beauty and miracles in and of this Life. After all, Life itself really seems quite miraculous to me. I LOVE contemplating that the tomato seeds my son planted in the garden turned into the juiciest, sweetest tomatoes with soil, sun, water and his attention to and care for these plants. NOW THAT IS A MIRACLE....a tiny seed to a delicious tomato. Perhaps that is what I need to give more of my focus and energy to...the MIRACLES of Life itself...because there really are SO MANY. By the way...I found a nickel this morning on the sidewalk. What miracles happened for you?

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