about hypnotherapy & coaching

you can feel great sooner than later

I can help you help yourself to...

  •  Stop Smoking 

  • Take Better Care of Your Body

  • Sleep Soundly

  • Reduce and/or Release Uncomfortable Feelings   

  • Find Your Inner Peace

  • Improve Your Well-Being

  • Reach Your Goals  

about hypnotherapy

The Hypnosis Process
Hypnosis is a natural state of mind where one is deeply relaxed in body and mind so that the conscious (thinking) mind is in rest mode allowing access to the subconscious mind where all the memories of our experiences are stored. When in hypnosis, the hypnotherapist infuses positive suggestions (based on client's desired outcomes) into the subconscious mind to help client defer to new behaviors that are aligned with the changes the client is seeking to make. 
Is It Science-Based? 
Used for more than two centuries to treat a host of medical problems, particularly pain management and anxiety, hypnosis is now available to patients at some of the most respected medical institutions in the country, including Stanford Hospital, the Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai Medical Center and Beth Israel in New York.
From Stanford Medicine
From US National Library of Medicine
...evidence is building for the use of hypnosis as a useful tool to help patients and health professionals manage a variety of conditions, especially anxiety and pain.
Who & What Is It For?
Hypnosis is used for many conditions and habitual 
behaviors including smoking cessation, establishing healthier eating patterns, sound sleep and increased self-confidence. Generally, anyone who is desiring a change or in need of help with physical and/or emotional pain can certainly be helped with hypnosis. Once clients are clear about their desired outcomes, and 100% ready and committed to make a shift...hypnosis is an effective and natural process that connects people with their innate inner resources.  
Certified by: Hypnotherapy Training Institute
Active Member of A.C.H.E. 

about wellness life coaching

The Coaching Process
Wellness Life Coaching is a process by which the client is asked questions to gain tremendous clarity and identify trouble spots in the here and now. In addition, the client receives direction and 
guidance to move forward in ways that support success.  I teach clients mindfulness practices and CBT tools to create life-long positive change for overall well-being. 
Why Coaching? 
In the same way that athletes hire personal coaches to help them excel in their performance, Wellness life coaching is likened to having a personal trainer to help anyone achieve their desired outcomes. Together we explore alternative habits and processes that lead one to successfully accomplish the desired change or outcomes...while gently supported by me. 
Does it Work?
Coaching is an adjunct process I incorporate with the hypnotherapy sessions as together these modalities work to effectuate lasting change. Collaboratively I work with clients to create action steps to structure the change process. Clients identify & connect with their own strong intentions and inner resources to strengthen the transformation. 
Certified by: Transformation Academy

Where attention goes, energy flows

Hypnotherapy & Wellness Coaching

are effective modalities that have helped millions of people (including me) achieve personal success and well-being of the WHOLE SELF... body, mind and spirit.

I am delighted to combine these two techniques and offer as ONE POWERFUL, THERAPEUTIC APPROACH that works when you are ready to take care of your whole self. 

During our first two-hour, remote session, we identify your 'trouble spots', formulate realistic new patterns to replace the unhealthy ones and engage in a powerful hypnotherapy session to effectuate the change process.

During our second  session, we review results, build upon the successes, create more easy steps to support your ongoing evolution and engage in another hypnotherapy session to strengthen your transformation even more. In the remaining session (depending on the goals) we review results, create even more easy steps to support your WHOLE well-being and if needed, may engage in a final hypnotherapy session to deepen all the wonderful shifts you have made.