one-to-one coaching/hypnotherapy

change your mind

change your habits

change your life

Here's what you can do...

develop your self-direction & inner strength
confidently maneuver any change or uncertainty
stop making excuses & move forward in your right direction 
skillfully navigate your uncomfortable feelings of stress, anxiety, depression
easily take better care of your body because you want to 
create and reach your desires with clarity & enthusiasm
smartly release your teenage smoking (or other) habit(s)
rest your monkey mind so you can sleep well

receive the support you need

  The goods you get...

2-hour session to begin*
personalized support
stress reduction techniques
self-care tools for improved health
mind mastery skills for emotional balance 
healthy body practices
therapeutic deep relaxation
customized take-home hypnosis/meditation
self-empowerment & self-motivation
peace of mind 
waking up with gratitude for another day
*1st session 2 hours...then 1-hour sessions as needed


change because you get to